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Acoustic Music and the Resonant Body

Last weekend I went to see the Brooklyn-based band Lucius perform as part of the consistently great Billsville House Concerts, to whom I am always grateful for bringing quality live music to this little corner of the Berkshires. At one point, … Continue reading

28. February 2013 by Ginia Sweeney
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The Catholic Church’s Modern Art

In the Vatican Museums, after viewing the splendor of the Raphael Rooms and on the way to the Sistine Chapel, visitors must make their way through a maze of hallways and rooms that includes the “Collection of Modern Religious Art.” Anxious … Continue reading

22. February 2013 by Ginia Sweeney
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Only College Graduates Need Apply

You shouldn’t need a BA to be someone’s secretary. A few days ago, the New York Times published an article by Catherine Rampell headlined “It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk.” The article focuses on the law firm … Continue reading

21. February 2013 by Ginia Sweeney
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George W. Bush’s Shower Painting

When I saw George W. Bush’s leaked paintings, I was surprised to be so strongly reminded of early David Hockney. The two above works, for example, employ not just the shower motif but a similar use of flatness. (It’s questionable whether … Continue reading

09. February 2013 by Ginia Sweeney
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Against the Dictatorial Public Radio Regime of Alan Chartock

I dread hearing that nasal voice in the morning, interrupting the pleasant newscast of Morning Edition. “Hi, this is Alan,” he says. We’re all on a first name basis, apparently, with Northeast Public Radio’s resident megalomaniac, Dr. Alan Chartock.[1] Chartock … Continue reading

08. February 2013 by Ginia Sweeney
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